2023 BIS Virtual Show

Welcome to our 2023 Virtual Show. Members have submitted their images under the above classes. Please use the navigation buttons above to see the entries. We are pleased to announce the results below. Congratulations to the winners, but thank you all for taking part.

Class 1
1st 75 Julie Scott 'Constantine Bay' TB
2nd 76 Jane Stephenson Ingram 'Chantilly' TB
Joint 3rd 51 & Stephen Huggins 'Merry Amigo' TB
71 Jeremy Handy 'Sunny Sonatina' SDB
Class 2
1st 59 Julie Scott 'Lincolnshire Orpheus' (sib)
2nd 58 Julie Scott 'Here be Dragons' (sib)
Joint 3rd 52 & James Watson Iris graeberiana x magnifica
61 Jane Stephenson Ingram 'Pretty Polly' (sib)
Class 3
1st 50 John Mullen 'Whitehall'
2nd 54 Julie Scott 'Benton Olive'
3rd 51 John Mullen 'Salonique'
Class 4
1st 50 Jeane Minx
2nd 54 Brenda Nickels
3rd 52 Stephen Huggins
Class 5
1st 58 Julie Scott Iris Verbascum
2nd 57 Julie Scott A fan of iris
Joint 3rd 49 & Carol Poulton
56 Clive Sergeant Flying Circus
Class 6
1st 72 Chris Jarvis Neomarica caerulea
2nd 68 Brian Mathew Iris speculatrix
Joint 3rd 54 & James Watson Iris iberica ssp. lycotis
58 Sue Bedwell Moraea aristata
Class 7
1st 53 John Mullen 'Rhapsody'
2nd 52 Laurie Everest 'Pixie'
3rd 55 Jill Whitehead 'Scent Sational'
Class 8
1st 51 John Mullen 'Yellow Mammoth'
2nd 59 Chris Jarvis Crocus banaticus
3rd 57 Alun Whitehead
Best in Show
Class 6 72 Chris Jarvis
CL6 72 Neomarica caerulea

The original schedule is given below.

Open to all BIS members and also to members of the six groups
Class 1. Any bearded iris.
Class 2. Any beardless iris.
Class 3. Any type of historic iris. Please give the date of registration.
Class 4. A garden scene which must include some type of iris/Iridaceae.
Class 5. An abstract/ creative photo of an iris or Iridaceae.
Class 6. Any species iris or Iridaceae.
Class 7. A reticulate iris.
Class 8. A crocus.

We would welcome other iris related photos which can be displayed alongside the competition, these would not be judged.

To enter:
Choose a photo of an iris that you have grown that fits one of the classes above.
Three different irises can be entered for each class. For classes 1 to 3, please send a photo of the whole stem and a closer one showing one of the blooms on the stem, unless these features can be clearly seen in one photo. Please do not use Photoshop, but cropping of an image is allowed. Photos must be taken during the 2023 flowering season, up to 1st October 2023. Also, photos of entries to ‘live’ BIS shows are not permitted. Please note this rule does not apply to classes 4 or 5.
Give the name of the varieties you are entering, unless they are seedlings. Send your entries to info@britishirissociety.org.uk by the 1st October 2023. Entries will be numbered so that they are anonymous when they are judged. After that date, we will ask our BIS judges to make their choices.
We would like to use any photos submitted for publicity purposes, e.g. Newsletter, Yearbook or Facebook. Please let us know if you are not happy with that.