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BIS Virtual Summer Show 2021

Welcome to our Virtual Summer Show.

Members have kindly sent in photographs which you can see under the different class headings. Please use the navigation buttons above. The BIS judges have made their decisions based on similar criteria to an actual show. Likewise, members have also chosen and you will find the results below along with the original invitation:

Class 1
1st 59 Iris 'Scrambled' MTB Barbara-Jean Jackson
2nd 53 Iris attica Christine Jarvis
3rd 65 Iris 'Calligrapher' IB Jill Whitehead
Class 2
1st 65 Yellow seedling Barry Emmerson
2nd 81 Iris 'Daughter of Stars' Karen Saunders
3rd Joint 63 Iris 'Draco' Clare Waight Keller
3rd Joint 60 Iris  'Darley Dale' John Mullen
Class 3
1st 63 Iris 'Weinkoenigin' Julie Scott
2nd 73 Iris 'Blueberry Pie' Fern Harden
3rd 62 Iris 'Clara Ellen' Christine Jarvis
Class 4
1st 50 Iris 'Lincolnshire Grace' Julie Scott
2nd 53 seedling 2 Anthony Chu
3rd 54 TB seedling Julie Scott
Class 5
1st 60 Iris 'Benton Olive' Julie Scott
2nd 61 Iris 'Benton Old Madrid' Julie Scott
3rd 58 Iris 'Rajah' Sue Griffith
Class 6
1st 64 Iris variegata var. reginae Barbara-Jean Jackson
2nd 50 Iris milesii Judi Deakin
3rd 74 Iris schachtii Brenda Nickels

Chairman's Award 
Class 6 55 Judi Deakin

People's Choice
Class 2 51 Iris 'Annabel Jane' John Mullen
Class 5 58 Iris 'Rajah' Sue Griffith
Class 6 64 Iris variegata var.reginae Barbara-Jean Jackson

We are grateful to the following nurseries for providing the prizes:

Claire Austin
Iris of Sissinghurst
Seagate Nurseries
Woottens of Wenhaston
Yorkshire Irises

The Chairman's Award  

The original invitation:

This show will be open to all members of the BIS
Classes are as follows;
Class 1. Any bearded iris except Tall Bearded.
Class 2. A Tall Bearded iris.
Class 3. Any type of Beardless iris.
Class 4. A seedling iris that you have bred yourself (Bearded or Beardless). Judges
will be looking for seedlings worthy of a Seedling Commendation which will make
them eligible for BIS trials.
Class 5. Any Historic iris (Bearded or Beardless), pre 1959.
Class 6. Any Species iris or other Iridaceae (e.g. Gladiolus etc.)
We would welcome other iris related photos which can be displayed alongside the
competition, these would not be judged.
To enter:
Exhibitors may submit up to 3 entries per class.
For classes 1 - 5 please send 2 photos per entry, 1 of the whole stem and another of
a close up of a bloom on the stem. That way the judges can do a similar job to that at
one of our normal iris shows.
Give the name of the varieties you are entering unless they are seedlings.
Do not use photoshop.
Photos must have been taken during the 2021 flowering season and not have been
entered in our previous virtual or live shows.
Send your entries to by the 26th June 2021
Entries will be numbered so that they are anonymous when they are judged.
BIS judges will be asked to make their choices.
Members are encouraged to view entries in the member's area of the website and
may vote for their favourite by e-mailing with name and number of
We would like to use any photos submitted for publicity purposes, e.g. Newsletter,
Yearbook or Facebook. Please let us know if you are not happy with that.