John Salter bearded Iris and early ‘natural’ hybrids

I am collecting John Salter Iris and any information about him and his Irises. Salter had nurseries in Hammersmith London 1848-1870 and for a while in Versailles France 1838-1848. The AIS website lists only 20 varieties and it looks like maybe only about seven are still in cultivation (I have found photographs of these online):

  • Bridesmaid
  • Fabian
  • Fairy Queen
  • Gypsy Queen
  • Ignacite (there is also an Ignacite bred by Jean-Nicolas Lemon, pre 1846, so some confusion there)
  • Mexicana
  • Queen of May

I already have Gypsy Queen and Queen of May and have sourced Mexicana but would be grateful if anyone can supply any others or provide images or other information. I can potentially do a swap or pay.

I am also interested in collecting the early natural / semi natural hybrids and species that have led to the current array of tall bearded iris, I am currently seeking:

  • I. x sambucina
  • I. trojana
  • I. x squalens
  • I. amoena
  • I. lurida

If you can help or have similar interests, please email me here

Thank you

Andrew King

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